Everything included for delightful ordering experiences

Your own QR-enabled exhibitor directory with built-in checkout

Our standard package includes

  • Customised webapp with your branding
  • Take VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, ApplePay and GooglePay payments
  • Unlimited menus, products and modifiers
  • Order for collection
  • Customer data collection
  • Dedicated exhibitor app to manage menu and accept orders
  • Zero accounting overheads as exhibitors are paid directly to their account
  • On-site technical support during the festival

Extend it, tweak it, customise it.

Our standard package lets you take mobile orders within hours. But we understand every business has different needs.

That's why we let you choose from any of the addons below to customise your website, content and menu features.

Delivery Without Drivers

Let visitors order from anywhere in the venue and we'll bring the food to them

Table Ordering

Visitors scan a QR code and the order goes straight to the kitchen.

In-app Sponsorships

Customise menus, checkouts and emails with custom digital sponsors

Loyalty Programme

Offer discounts, credits and rewards to spend at the event.


Pay-as-you-go WiFi if your venue doesn't already provide it or coverage is weak

Tablet Rental

Exhibitors can rent a tablet if they don't already have one.

Organiser Royalty Commission

Take a royalty commission for every transaction, paid to your account

Scheduled Ordering

Allow visitors to place orders for later

Interactive Map

A new way to explore the venue, fully integrated with your mobile ordering system.

WhatsApp Ordering

Allow visitors to place orders through WhatsApp

Let's build a stellar
event experience, together.